Experienced mentors

See current mentors. There are altogether 60 professionals working with us. Why that many? So we can choose the right one for everyone. The network of professionals is constantly expanding.

Jan Gregor

My heart has been beating for fundraising for over 13 years. Philanthropy is the basic positive engine of every society. It’s a great way of connecting non-profits, aid recipients, donors – people and companies. I’m so happy that I can contribute to the cultivation of the fundraising environment, whether through consultations, workshops, or care with the professional coalition For Easy Giving, which is aiming to connect individual fundraising professionals.

Lenka Papadakisová

I enjoy working and evolving with leaders and their teams. Isn’t it great to move personal boundaries together and create conditions for intentional cooperation, where the head and heart are involved and group wisdom is present? I support the change of business culture from the ego system “I” to the ecosystem “we”, a change that begins in ourselves, in our heads.

Ondřej Suchý

I help meaningful projects clarify their intention, create a simple strategy with well-defined values, and then tune the whole operation. I help leaders and managers with changes, in the role of consultant or mentor I support them in decision-making and development of their organizations and teams. I have experience working on boards as a team supporting CEOs and helping them to keep their focus on vision and strategy.

Bronislav Růžička

To achieve results in any project you not only need a well-defined intention. One also needs a systematic approach and more importantly to find the most effective way to fulfill it. My motto is that lasting success is not a matter of chance.

Regina Kubcová

I have been setting up processes and organizations in companies and project management for over 20 years. I help companies tame chaos and reduce waste. My goal is to make processes and systems sort of helpers that bring people peace, security and extra time.

Martin Kunt

I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience. I specialize in communication and relationships. I effectively intersperse coaching with mentoring tips, techniques and instructions. I don’t judge. I don’t force it. I support. I help growing. I accompany. I inspire. I motivate. I boost confidence. I ask questions you don’t ask yourself…